Mar. 3rd, 2011

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Have you seen the animated "poster" for the new Conan movie yet? Check it out. I'll wait.

Striking, huh? And based on classic Frazetta imagery, which is great. But somehow the fact that it's moving (sort of) raises many questions for me.

1. How many of those dudes did Conan kill, exactly?
2. How long ago did he kill them?
3. Did he boil the flesh off their bones himself, or did he hire a professional boiler?
4. Is that mound made entirely of skulls, or is there some sort of earthen or wooden structure underneath it? Are the skulls reinforced so that he doesn't crush them while standing or walking on them?
5. Where did he store the skulls while the set design was being done? Do storage units have any restrictions on keeping human body parts?
6. How many weeks did he have to wait for the perfect crazy flying cloud weather? How many times did he start putting out the skulls only to have the skies clear, or full-on rainclouds blot out the dramatic sunlight?
7. Did he hire a photographer, or use his own equipment? Did he use a timer or conceal a remote in the pommel of his sword? How long did it take him to get the zoom just right?
8. Doesn't his neck get sore standing there like that?


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