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To give you Five Norwegian Chaps Singing a Parody Version of Wham!'s "Last Christmas" in nonsensical German:

(Via [ profile] justinhowe.)

Happy Glockenspielen' Holidays.
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Also I am slightly boggled trying to picture Richard Butner as Vivica Fox.

My LiveJournal Sitcom
Living With snurri's professor (ABCFAM, 7:00): snurri (Harry Shearer) tries to seduce textfox (Kate Winslet) at the Eiffel Tower. Then, ninja_pencil (Sophia Loren) nixes st_writes (Timothy Dalton)'s picnic plans. That same day, naomikritzer (Hayley Mills) finds a novel in froggie_spawn (Brad Pitt)'s sock drawer. On the other side of town, dsgood (Roy Rogers) learns a card trick from iamza (Rick Moranis). Meanwhile, giantsloth (Vivica Fox) wipes nomissnewo (Jeff Goldblum)'s laptop. Wackiness ensues.
What's Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)
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There is nothing inherently virtuous about work.

Bailey Quarters Schwartz would be a good name for a daughter.

Great art draws from life at least as much as it draws from other art.

Other people's rituals are often inconvenient.

Cereal is not a meal; cheese is a meal best supplemented with fiber.

Monday Declarations may cause drowsiness; do not use while operating heavy machinery. Those using MAOI inhibitors should consult a physician before taking Monday Declarations. May cause rectal bleeding, sometimes fatal. Billy goats, giant robots, and cereal eaters should not handle Monday Declarations because of the risk of spontaneous gender switching. This disclaimer makes false or misleading claims. Twix Trix Trax Sugar Smacks give a dog a bone.
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I think that I shall take up the didgeridoo.

Well, I felt like I should say something today. Anyone else have decisive news to report?


Apr. 1st, 2009 07:43 am
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Introductory statement of existing situation, with supporting evidence. Outlandish claim of costs of said situation, running into the billions. Anecdotal claim of efforts to address said situation. "Quote from person involved," representing nonexistent but plausible governmental or scientific organization, "until recently stymied by intractability of challenges inherent in bettering situation." Dramatic but enigmatic assertion that everything is about to change.

Outrageous claim of either a) dubious scientific merit, b) questionable morals, or c) both. Repeated assertion that this will change everything. Made-up name(s) of person or persons (possibly with in-joke reference to cult film or television series) responsible for breakthrough in thinking, and description of feelings of self-pride and/or self-awe accompanying discovery. "Humble yet self-aggrandizing quote," from Person A. "Acknowledgment of scientific impossibility or moral repugnance of discovery, with perfunctory dismissal. Explanation that aforesaid objections were just old thinking, and this marks the step towards a brave new world, without allusion to or even awareness of Aldous Huxley."

Vague promise of production or implementation at some point in future. Brief mention of invasive prerequisites necessary for average citizens to take advantage, with sticker price of 5-10 figures. Further in-joke reference in hopes of alerting savvy readers to prank, followed by ejaculatory blurt of excitement, anticipating acquisition of exciting breakthrough of very own!
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I know, no posts in days and I give you a meme? Content later in the week, I promise.
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When I was working at the Rathskeller on the UW-Madison campus, my co-worker Chris Johanowicz told me that he used to have spiritual revelations while listening to "Jane Says."

Took me fifteen years, but I think I finally get it.
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Yeah, the SNL guy. Not only is he married to Maggie Carey, one of the geniuses behind The Jeannie Tate Show (if you haven't seen it, it's a painfully hilarious poke at the undercurrent of suburban mom rage), but now he's written some reviews of classic SF and horror for the NYT. Dude, R.A. Lafferty? Guy knows his stuff.

See Bill on Jeannie's show here. Warning: May be HILARIOUS.
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Humongous rodent fossil found. I like the Yahoo! News headline: "King of the rats weighed one tonne." You just know that those rats remember it, too. You can see it in their crazed, vengeful eyes. WE RULED THIS WORLD ONCE AND WE WILL AGAIN, they say. I've heard them. In my brain.

Castro lives. Not shown: a private photograph of the dictator thumbing his nose at Perez Hilton.

Today's Poll:

[Poll #1122170]
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Chris Farley, impressin' the ladies at the mall. I honestly spit up on my screen at one point. That poor dead bastard.

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Mountains! In the Desert!
Originally uploaded by Snurri.
I spent last week in the desert near Joshua Tree National Park with four very talented and lovely people. We did lots of writing and spent lots of time in the hot tub and saw lots of stars and drank . . . some. I took some pictures. Here they are.
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Today, spent 6+ hours at the hipster coffee shop inhaling caffeine and working on the novel. Am now exhausted, twitchy and unable to stop thinking about ceramic dolls.

How're you all doin'?
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Over lunch I went over to pick up my paycheck at the temp office. I was in the elevator going up, doing my usual reach-back to my backpack pocket which held the book in which I had placed my timecard, when the book (True Grizz, for the curious; not as good as his book on elephants, but good) fell out onto the floor. The older man next to me in the elevator said: "Dropping all that knowledge!" The correct response, of course, would have been something about kicking the new science, but I was too busy laughing. I'm betting he didn't have a clue as to why he was so funny.

In other news, new superhero to debut in spring.


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