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WisCon! This weekend! Can't wait to see everyone! This is my schedule!

Three Dashing Gents & One Classy Dame: Sat, 10:00–11:15 am, Conference 2

Gwenda Bond, Richard Butner, Christopher Rowe, David J. Schwartz

Four authors read from recent work.

I'll be reading from my novel-in-progress. I'm pretty damn excited to hear these other folks read, though.

What Are the Main Infectious Disease Threats for the Next 20 Years? Sat, 1:00–2:15 pm, Assembly

Moderator: David J. Schwartz, Erin Cashier, Jim Leinweber, Carl F. Marrs, Cecile Resop

We are currently experiencing a fairly mild influenza pandemic, there are major problems with antibiotic resistant bacterial pathogens, and there are ongoing concerns about bioterrorism. Are these or other threats most likely to cause problems for us in the next 20 years?

I don't really know anything about this topic, but they asked for people who would volunteer to be emergency-type moderators, and I volunteered. Those other folks are going to educate the hell out of you, though.

The Work of Kage Baker: Sun, 2:30–3:45 pm, Caucus

Moderator: David J. Schwartz, Gwenda Bond, Shira Lipkin, Margaret McBride, Gregory G. H. Rihn

Best known for her Company (Dr. Zeus Incorporated) series of mysterious, powerful, time–traveling operatives, Kage Baker's speculative fiction deftly ties history, fantasy and science with ribbons of adventure, romance, irony and keen cultural insight. She wanted more time to spend with us; let's spend some time with her life work.

Another emergency-draftee panel for me. I have, regretfully, yet to read any of Ms. Baker's work, but I know that the other panelists will have a lot to say about her.

The SignOut: Mon, 11:30 am–12:45 pm, Capitol/Wisconsin

Come get your book signed! Or stand in front of my table so I look popular!

Between events I will probably be in the Dealer's Room, either shopping or helping out Gavin at the Small Beer Press table. Or, you know, eating. Oh man I can't wait to get some Vientiane Palace. And Himal Chuli. And maybe some Kabul . . .
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Locals: I'll be reading this Friday at Dreamhaven Books as part of the Speculations Reading Series. Come on by if you can! I will be reading from a couple of pices, including my current project, a cross-cultural time-travel novel set in a St. Paul magically cut off from the rest of the world. There will be refreshments, and I promise to be entertaining.

The reading starts at 6:30 PM, and Dreamhaven is located at 2301 East 38th Street in Minneapolis.
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For the locals: Friday at 7:30, myself, Alan DeNiro, Will Alexander, and Kelly Barnhill will be reading from the Interfictions 2 anthology. Please come! Magers & Quinn is located at 3038 Hennepin Avenue South in Minneapolis. More details here.
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I will be reading OUT LOUD at 6:30 PM this Friday at Dreamhaven Books as part of the Speculations Reading Series, with Will Alexander, Haddayr Copley-Woods, and Dena Landon. We promise to be charming and interesting but not to go home with you. Unless you are married to one of us, in which case it's a definite maybe.

Please come, 'cause reading to an empty room is no fun.
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WisCon, AKA my favorite weekend/five days of the year, is next weekend. Many of my friends are unable to make it this year, which is disappointing. On the other hand, many of my friends will be there, and it will also be an opportunity to try and meet new people and turn some acquaintances into friends. I will just have to pretend that I am not unbearably shy, which is NO PROBLEM REALLY I'M NOT SOCIALLY AWKWARD AT ALL.

The bulk of my weekend will be spent in the Dealer's Room, as I am going to be running the Small Beer Press table for Gavin and Kelly, who are unable to attend this year. Come by, say hello, and buy some books!

I have also signed on for one panel and, of course, a reading, because readings are hella fun:

Is Regionalism Dead? Sunday 8:30 - 9:45AM in Senate A

Moderator: David J. Schwartz; Alex Bledsoe, Catherine Cheek, Rich Novotney

Modern publishing technology (e.g., the Internet, desktop publishing) seems to have created a global village and shrunk the distances between major cultural centers and the far–flung places where some writers live. Yet some Canadian writers who submit to U.S. markets are regularly warned not to focus too much (if at all) on Canada, and rural writers in any country are given similar warnings about writing about their actual milieux, yet reader appetites for fiction set in New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Tokyo or thinly–disguised versions of these cities are presumed to be unlimited. Let's discuss whether reality matches this perception.

Reading: Shadow Over Powderhorn Sunday 2:30 - 3:45PM at A Room Of One's Own Bookstore

Like the sign says: Will Alexander, Barth Anderson, Haddayr Copley-Woods, David J. Schwartz

Oh, and I'm also registered for the Sign-Out, but there may be logistical issues. Suffice it to say that I will Be Around. Hope to see many of you in Madison!
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Just to let y'all know, I'll be reading from Superpowers in Madison (that's in WISCONSIN) on September 21st, 2 PM, at A Room of One's Own. Everyone's invited!
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Book! You miss book news, I know you do. HERE IS MORE. Nice things said at Jeff VanderMeer gives a shoutout over at Omnivoracious. In non-linkable news, Mr. Jason Erik Lundberg reports that he spotted (and purchased) the UK edition in Singapore. ALL YOUR CITY-STATES ARE FOR MY CONQUERING.

Speaking of book, a reminder that I'll be reading as part of the Bookslut Reading Series tomorrow night (Tuesday) at the Hopleaf in Chicago (I just got in and it's like I never left), 7:30 PM, with Eddie Campbell. Y'all should come.
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Now it can be told: I'm going to be reading as part of the Bookslut Reading Series in Chicago (at the Hopleaf, AKA Where Beer Drinkers Go To Die Happy) on Tuesday, July 29, at 7:30 PM.

I'm excited. But I have to say, if they had told me I was going to be reading with EDDIE FREAKING CAMPBELL I might have been more hesitant to say yes, because HOLY CRAP EDDIE FREAKING CAMPBELL. No pressure or anything.

Anyway, I hope to see all my Chicago peeps there. I promise to be entertaining and not embarrass myself too much in front of Eddie Campbell.
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I keep forgetting to plug this, but: I'll be reading from Superpowers this Thursday, July 3, at 7:30 p.m. at Common Good Books, 165 Western Ave North, Suite 14 in St. Paul. Bring a friend!

Also, if you want to keep track of events like this, I always post about them on the Facebook group for Superpowers. I have told y'all I'm on Facebook, right? Right over here. I find it so very soothing compared to MySpace.
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Wow, what a great photograph!

Actually, I asked my mom to take photos at the reading and then forgot to give her my camera. You can take my word for it that I have never looked sexier.

We were scheduled to start at 7:00, but only a few people had showed up, half of them from my immediate family. Man was I nervous, 'cause I had estimated to Elizabeth at the bookstore that we would have thirty or so, and she had ordered accordingly. I waited until 7:05 to start, but the chairs were still sparsely populated.

Of course, as soon as Elizabeth introduced me and I went into my ramble-y spiel about the origins of the book, more people started drifting in. I read for about 30 minutes, and more people kept showing up. They laughed, too, which was good.

Afterwards I sat down to sign books and people started bringing up what they had bought. Five copies, three copies, yay! My Aunt Dorothe gets the prize, though, because she bought TWENTY COPIES. The store had sixty copies to start with, and by the time we got out of there only two were left. I call that a success.

Thanks so much to everyone who made it, and to those who weren't able to, watch this space for information on more readings to come.

EDITED TO ADD: As long as this entire entry is self-promotion, I may as well link you to these (largely positive) reviews: Review Journal, The National (In the UAE? Wow.), and Fantasy Book Critic.
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Actually, most of the information is right up there on top, but I'll elaborate for purposes of clarity.

I'll be reading from Superpowers at Dreamhaven Books, 912 West Lake Street in Minneapolis, at 7 PM on Thursday June 12th.

Mark your calendars, people. I want a CROWD.
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Check it.

Title: League of Substitute Heros

Saturday, 1:00-2:15 P.M.

Fair Trade (Coffee shop owned by the same folks as Michelangelo's, but a couple of blocks further down State Street. I dare to guarantee you that it will be worth the trip. And hey, you can come by even if you're not going to the con itself!)

David Schwartz
Meghan McCarron
David Moles
Alice Kim

Title: Does It Have to Get Boring Before it Gets Good?

Do you suffer from zombie fatigue? Are you getting superbored with superheroes? Excellent books like World War Z and Soon I Will Be Invincible seem to be the exception to the rule of endless zombie and superpowered crap being produced -- but are they? Or does there have to be a pop culture saturation of a certain kind of genre--a laying of the groundwork--before we can get the kind of detailed and finessed dissection and resurrection of tropes that these books pull off?

Saturday, 4:00-5:15 P.M.


M: Liz Gorinsky
Jim Munroe
David Schwartz
Nicole Bunge
Ellen Datlow

I think there are obvious reasons why I am on this panel. Number one being: To Make a Fool of Myself.
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One, my brother Steve is raising money for the Animal Humane Society's Walk for Animals. Steve works at the Golden Valley branch of the Humane Society, and they do good work there. Check out his page, and send some cash his way if you're so inclined.

Two, I won't be online much today due to an unexpected road trip. Long story short, if you're in Marshall, Minnesota and are going to see Kelly Link and Alan DeNiro read tonight at SMSU, looks like you may be getting me as well. Should be fun.

Three, I was watching the Discovery Channel yesterday and I found out that people are trying to reverse genegineer dinosaurs from birds. This will be important later, I think. Take notes.
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I went to a bad reading* and started a little rant about the differences between bad "literary" fiction and bad fiction from other genres. But this morning I decided I didn't care very much. There are many different ways to write badly. You could probably invent one if you tried hard enough. Not that I'm encouraging such behavior.

I have to admit, though--is it just me? Do any of the other writers reading this ever, after an experience like a bad reading or a bad book, think "And yet the same industry which publishes my work published theirs," and start worrying that perhaps you suck just as much as they** do?

Just me?

Never mind; I'll be over here, clutching at my neuroses.

*Note to self: avoid readings when you know nothing about the folks reading. Readings in general are not an easy-escape sort of activity.

**That's the general, faceless, untalented "they."


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