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A brief announcement: as mentioned in my entry on Avilion, I read it in part to review for Strange Horizons; that review is now live.
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'Cause it's a movie report. My review of District 9 is up at Strange Horizons. (A bit belated, which is my fault.) Synopsis: This movie is not very good.
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My review of "Moon", the Duncan-Jones-don't-call-him-Zowie-Bowie-directed Sam Rockwell vehicle, is up at Strange Horizons. Guess what there are SPOILERS.
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1. This dude read Superpowers and liked it a lot. "[I]t's fantastic. In the post- Bryan Singer world, where heroes in other mediums than comics no longer have to wear spandex, this is how individuals with powers in this day and age should be written. I *highly* recommend this one."

2. French scientist surprised that elephants are not water-hole bullies. I don't . . . what?

3. I ended up nuking my Twitter account, because trying to keep up with it was actually stressing me out. I can't keep up with my own daily life, so I guess trying to keep up with everyone else's just isn't going to work.

4. Fuck You, Penguin is perfect for those who like to pretend cute animals don't matter to them. Thanks to Shana for the link.

5. Finally, there is this, which I cannot explain:

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How good is my "Proof of Zero" from Spicy Slipstream Stories? So good that this reviewer recommends that in order to make sense of it you "sort of scrunch up your mind and mentally squint, letting the story flow through you while turning off that critical portion of your brain that's screaming 'this doesn't make sense.'" Mission accomplished?


Today is the official launch of Tumbarumba: A Frolic of Intrusions, which is something you have never seen before: an anthology of works hidden in your Firefox browser, edited by Ben Rosenbaum and Ethan Ham. (An Internet Explorer version is about a month off.) It's a Firefox attachment that will occasionally slip fragments of stories into your daily news; if you click on the text a couple of times the story will take over. (Don't worry, you can disable it if you're actually trying to work or something.) When I first understood how this was going to work (which was long after Ben asked for stories), I wasn't sure I'd ever find anything, because I skim a lot of what I read online, but I've already read some kick-ass stories by David Moles and Greg Van Eekhout, and I'm looking forward to finding more from folks like Tim Pratt, Heather Shaw, Haddayr-Copley Woods, Jim Kelly, Mary Anne Mohanraj, and more. Also, it's the only place you can read my story "MonstroCities." So go install it, and then give it a nice review!


Here is a thing which is all about me, which as a Midwesterner I find rather embarrassing: a profile at Minnesota Artists dot org, by Britt Amodt.


Joe the Plumber's book comes out today. Please buy someone else's book instead.
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. . . but I'm pretty OK with it, actually:

"Imagine if Syndrome from The Incredibles decided to write a novel about Supers, and you've got Superpowers."

I ain't telling you where I found it.
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Apparently the way to get myself to post stuff is to announce a break. This time I'll try to give you some actual content. First things first, though; I wanted to post because of another review, this one from Michael Jones at Green Man Review, who says "Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down." Yay!

As mentioned, I'm about to head out of town and away from Internet access for ten days. In the interest of keeping myself honest, I thought I'd post a list of the books I'm bringing (way too many) and the writing stuff I'm hoping to accomplish (way too much) in between splitting wood, mowing the grass, and chasing the dogs around.

Book list and writing goals behind the cut )
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Book! You miss book news, I know you do. HERE IS MORE. Nice things said at Jeff VanderMeer gives a shoutout over at Omnivoracious. In non-linkable news, Mr. Jason Erik Lundberg reports that he spotted (and purchased) the UK edition in Singapore. ALL YOUR CITY-STATES ARE FOR MY CONQUERING.

Speaking of book, a reminder that I'll be reading as part of the Bookslut Reading Series tomorrow night (Tuesday) at the Hopleaf in Chicago (I just got in and it's like I never left), 7:30 PM, with Eddie Campbell. Y'all should come.
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Did I enjoy this film? Yes. Does it have problems? Many.

Heath Ledger = Good. )
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For the week, pretty much: positive mentions of Superpowers at Eclipse Magazine, Book Loons, and a couple of blogs: The Dreckled Edge and egb63.
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Y'all realize that when I link to the reviews it is pretty much so that I can keep track of them, right? I do not expect you to go and read them. Unless you are on the fence or something about the book. In which case, I should tell you that fences have been known to release ass splinters. Just sayin'. Anyway, here are today's links: School Library Journal likes it; so does The Uxbridge Gazette, and Armchair Interviews. Marissa says nice things, too.
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My (spoilery) review of Pan's Labyrinth is up at Strange Horizons. To sum up: I liked it, a lot.


Dec. 31st, 2006 12:45 am
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I'll have more to say in my SH review, but in the name of all that's holy, go see "Pan's Labyrinth" ASAP.

(Don't bring your kids, though. You can take them to "Night at the Museum.")
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Itsy Bitsy Spider-Man! Oh man do I want this. Maybe if I buy it for every kid I know I can sneak one for myself? Make sure to watch the video.

From another region of the Internet altogether comes this review of Rabid Transit: Long Voyages, Great Lies, pointed out by Mr. Barzak. Very thoughtful (and favorable, overall) look at that publication, with some kind words about my story "Shackles."

Not much news to report. Even though I spent far too much time slacking off this weekend for my liking, I still managed to get two chapters on paper. I had a period of a week or two where I wasn't sure what was going on with the new book; it's looking like it might be long, for one thing--perhaps even more-than-one-book long. I have misgivings about this, but then I'm the one who decided to take War and Peace as one of my models. Anyway, I like how it's shaping up so far, so I guess I'll just try not to worry and see how it goes.
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My review is up at Strange Horizons; go here.

Thanks to Niall for asking me to review it. Nice to have something I could really sink my teeth into.
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Mark Twain Fried Chicken
Originally uploaded by Snurri.
Chicago's been kind of a lonely place lately, so I decided to turn 36 in Hannibal, Missouri. I didn't meet any ghosts, but I saw a lot of statues and several young fellows who may or may not aspire to become Huck and/or Tom. (Apparently, there is a tradition in Hannibal where a boy and a girl of the appropriate age are chosen to be Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher for the year. Hm.) I did not spend $70 on a set of Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn volumes illustrated by Norman Rockwell. I did go to the Mark Twain cave. I did not ride on a riverboat. I did eat a steak at a restaurant that was once a whorehouse. Also, I did take pictures, so my Flickr account actually has something on it now.

Also, ouch.


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