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To give you Five Norwegian Chaps Singing a Parody Version of Wham!'s "Last Christmas" in nonsensical German:

(Via [ profile] justinhowe.)

Happy Glockenspielen' Holidays.
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1. I am one of the interviewees in Locus magazine this month. Lest that make you reluctant to pick up a copy, the other interviewee is Connie Willis, so.

2. Paper Cities, the World Fantasy Award-nominated anthology in which my story "The Somnambulist" appears, is now available on the Kindle.

3. Not so much an announcement, but I will be dropping by the Twin Cities Book Festival tomorrow at some point, so if you're going to be there let me know and we can look for each other.

4. This is funny:

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I'm not sure why this popped into my head today, but it kills me every time I watch it:

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This video is a couple of days old, but it's a great encapsulation of what has been happening for years now.

And another video on the current state of abortion services--remember, this is a legal procedure (and as Dr. Wicklund notes in the video, one of the most commonly done)--across the country. (This video is rather crappy, sorry; I can't seem to embed the MSNBC code.)

As Rachel says, what's most maddening about the intimidation and violence is that it seems to be working.
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The vid so good it had to be reposted. Via [ profile] fengi, PJ Harvey and Bjork covering "Satisfaction."

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1. For some reason the cold triggers a small voice in me that wants to go out and play in the snow. I shall name this voice Thanatos.

2. Female Mechanics Calendar! You know, women wearing sexy clothes is one thing, but women doing things well is another, sexier thing.

3. A small poll:

[Poll #1332513]

4. Keanooooooooo! Why would they even make a Bebop movie? Just leave it alone, dammit.

5. I tend to get bored with video games, but for some reason I really like tower defense games, which probably says something very deep about my personality. My favorite right now is GemCraft. It's easy at first but gets difficult later, and requires persistence. Luckily I am obsessive persistent.

6. Dollhouse vid! I am very concerned that this might not be good, but Joss seems to live to subvert my expectations. It would be nice to have just one show that felt unmissable again.

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Went with my folks today to exchange some gifts. We ended up at St. Patrick's Guild for a bit because my mom desperately needs more nativity sets.* I saw many weird things there, and some creepy things, but this was the one that exploded my cognitive dissonance meter:

That's right, that's Jesus, about to get called for hooking.** There are more of these. What I don't get? If Jesus is the coach, why is he such a f&%$ing ball hog?

On a somewhat related note, there are a load of clips from Big Train over at FunnyOrDie. For those NOT IN THE KNOW, this was the sketch show that launched, among others, Simon Pegg.

Here's a religion-related clip:

* This is sarcasm. Loving sarcasm, but sarcasm.

** It's a hockey penalty, you perverts. Wikipedia actually has INSTRUCTIONS for how to commit the penalty of hooking.


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