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I had hoped to start posting more of those wacky polls, but sadly that's not going to happen; I'm having to let my paid account expire due to being broke. Instead I'll, I don't know, finish writing this novel or something.
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[Poll #1660859]

It's been a while since we had a proper poll here, and this is nowhere near a proper poll. As penance, I promise to post one before the new year, but right now I NEED DATA.
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EDITED TO CLARIFY: Published or unpublished; hell, even unfinished. Dream big.

[Poll #1598598]
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1. For some reason the cold triggers a small voice in me that wants to go out and play in the snow. I shall name this voice Thanatos.

2. Female Mechanics Calendar! You know, women wearing sexy clothes is one thing, but women doing things well is another, sexier thing.

3. A small poll:

[Poll #1332513]

4. Keanooooooooo! Why would they even make a Bebop movie? Just leave it alone, dammit.

5. I tend to get bored with video games, but for some reason I really like tower defense games, which probably says something very deep about my personality. My favorite right now is GemCraft. It's easy at first but gets difficult later, and requires persistence. Luckily I am obsessive persistent.

6. Dollhouse vid! I am very concerned that this might not be good, but Joss seems to live to subvert my expectations. It would be nice to have just one show that felt unmissable again.

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I'm remembering now that I took an entire month off of blogging last summer. Why didn't I do that this year? I should have, because I am getting cranky about lots of things in ways which I fear mean I am showing my age. Things like Twitter and iPhones, yes, but other things too. There are days when I feel like a cranky old man, particularly when the kids are talking about the hip music. Why back in the day I was considered very hip to the hip music. Honestly I was! I went to the shows and I drank the beers and I did the mosh. Do they still do the mosh nowadays? I once touched another man's package while doing the mosh. Well, I brushed it with the back of my hand. Don't tell me I was not a wild one! Also I think someone was smoking the pot, and maybe I might have inhaled some. I was not quite myself. Later I asked myself, could I love a man for his body? That was what music did back then, it made you ask questions.

[Poll #1241952]

I guess what I'm trying to say is that barring some news or inspiration in the next few days there won't be any blogging going on here, as I'm going up north to the land of my ancestors starting Wednesday. They don't got no Internet up there. Well, they do, but I'm going to avoid it like a lover for whom I feel a passion which I do not understand and therefore fear. In the meantime please don't invent anything or play any new songs or anything.
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[Poll #1222735]
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There are lots of things I should post about, but I am at that BLISSFUL stage of revisions where most of my thoughts are occupied with stories I do not have time to write at the moment. It's kind of a sad comment on how apt I am to use my imagination as an avoidance strategy when it becomes a strategy for avoiding using my imagination.

In the spirit of feeling scattered and insane, I give you this poll:

[Poll #1211564]
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[Poll #1198203]

Be glad all you're getting is the poll, because the rambling was starting to bore even me.
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Thing One: Today I am interviewed by Gwenda over at Shaken & Stirred as part of the Summer Blog Blast Tour organized by Colleen Mondor. (You can follow the rest of the interview fun over at Colleen's blog.) After the initial nervousness of this interview thing, I'm starting to sort of enjoy it. This one was particularly fun.

Thing Two: My friend Derek Hill, fellow first-year Odyssey student and all-around fine human being, has a film book out about, well--the title is Charlie Kaufman and Hollywood's Merry Band of Pranksters, Fabulists and Dreamers: An Excursion Into the American New Wave. It's out in the UK, that is, and will soon be out here. Pretty much I'd want to read this one even if I didn't know Derek was an awesome writer.

Thing Three: More Secret City tomorrow, I promise. Might not be any for a couple of weeks after that, though, with WisCon impending.


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So my UK publicist is setting me up with a radio interview with the BBC.* On the one hand, Yay!, and on the other, I hope I can manage not to make myself so nervous that I puke on the phone.

On to other things:

[Poll #1188775]

*Yes, I will let you know if/when it makes it on the air.
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Quick announcement: my story "Mike's Place" will appear in Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet #22 (TOC here). Whoo doggies, that's good company to be in!

All right, back to the wrongheaded-ness:

[Poll #1187644]


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